The Highly Debated Aspect: Link building as off-site optimization and  critical aspect of SEO

The idea is to have links to other websites on the website. This is a critical factor in placing high in the rankings. When keyword anchor text and links are combined the ranking improves because the site has actual links to their keywords. An excellent example is Adobe Reader. They hold the number one spot for rankings because they are listed on numerous websites with a link. The links generally state Adobe Reader available by clicking here. So many people have clicked on these links it has resulted in Adobe Reader holding the top spot in the rankings.

Getting Links

There are a lot of different ways to get links but some are much better than others. Where link building is concerned there are three basic techniques. The best type of link is an organic link. The website does not have to ask for this type of link. The best organic link is from a site with a high authority. This includes any website with a name that is well recognized and major news sources. The second type is called Whitehat. This is the type of link every website should be trying to attain. These links are of an extremely high quality. The third type is called Blackhat and should be avoided whenever possible. These links are very low in quality and generally spammy.

The Guest Blog Posts and Similar Businesses

Many websites encounter numerous difficulties when attempting to generate a sufficient number of organic links. These links will raise a website higher with the search engines. There are many different services available to build links. These services are popular but it is possible to build links without the assistance of a service. Look for the most popular blogs within the industry then start submitting guest blog posts. This usually results in a link back to the website. Either the top or bottom of the content will contain an author box. These are excellent links. Another option is to reach out to websites of similar businesses but not competitors. Many of these businesses will link to your site. The best way to proceed is to look closely at these sites. See if they contain any link pages for suppliers, vendors, partners, etc. If they do this is an excellent opportunity to build quality links. Social media profiles and search profiles will attract clicks. Although this will not be applicable towards the search rankings it will increase the traffic on the website.

The Advertising and Directories

The website should be submitted to all applicable directories available in the industry or advertising should be purchased. A good example is a SEO web hosting in the wedding industry. There are numerous websites offering listings for the industry. Since the visitors to these sites are interested in weddings the listing will have a greater impact. These links will send visitors back to the website and increase traffic. The directories of a low quality or not pertaining to the specific industry should be bypassed. This especially applies to shady websites in the online casino, pharmaceutical, and adult industries. These links can significantly damage the reputation and ranking of a website. Just as with the content quality is more important than quantity. The content must always be link worthy. An excellent example of worthy content is infographics. This is when a beautiful image is created to represent information of the highest importance. Other websites have the ability to use the infographics for their site simply by linking back to the original website as a credit.