Give the Right Importance to SEO Optimization

SEO is critical to the success of any website. The best way to begin is by understanding the basics. This happens when the site is optimized. These elements should be included on the homepage and the site’s main pages. It is important not to overdo any of the basic elements of SEO. If you include an excess of keywords on any page the content may not make sense and the user can easily become confused. When this occurs the user will most likely leave the site and go somewhere else. Google has even instated a penalty for websites stuffing way too many keywords into one page. Keyword optimization must be kept simple. The best website will compile a list of the best possible five keyword phrases or keywords. These are the words that should be used on every page. The optimization should be for these specific keywords.

The Key Words

Many individuals have no idea which keywords will work best for their website, and that’s why most of the time business entrepreneurs hire an Internet Marketing Team. There is an AdWords Keyword Tool available through Google. The tool provides some excellent suggestions when the user enters their ideas. Another excellent source is the Keyword Research Guide available through KISSmetrics Guide. The right keywords are one of the basic building blocks of a successful SEO. These words are what will increase traffic to the site. This is especially important if the site is selling products or services.

The Title Tag

The title tag is located on a website to ensure the search engine understands the meaning of the page. The title tag should contain approximately seventy characters. Any extremely lengthy title tags should be avoided. The tag should include the name of the business and brand and the keywords pertaining only to that specific page. These tags should be close to the HTML code.

The Meta Description

A good meta description will enable the search engines to obtain more details regarding the information on the page. A good example is a construction company named Hamster. Without a description, it is probable the site will see users looking for a hamster or hamster supplies instead of inquiries into construction. There is no concrete proof a meta description will help improve keyword rankings but it is still very important. The meta description should be written for the users visiting the site. This will appear in search results so it is important the description accurately explains the main purpose of the website. Both the meta description and title tag will appear in the Google results. When a user searches for one of the keywords the descriptions will appear with the keywords in a bold font. When the name of the brand and business are included the search result are much more obvious to the user. This increases the change the user will visit the site.


WordPress is an extremely effective tool where SEO is concerned. This makes it much easier to add meta descriptions and title tags due to the available tools. These free plugins include SEO by Yoast, Platinum SEO and All in One SEO. There are additionally premium plugins available to provide SEO suggestions such as Scribe SEO.

Putting Everything Together

Once the proper keywords have been found, the meta description has been written and the title tag is in place the first steps for SEO are complete. This is just the beginning of a fully functional site with good traffic. As the website evolves and more steps are taken the traffic will continue to increase, there will be more interest in the products and services and the site will begin to move up in the Google rankings.