Google and SEO Rankings

The specific goal of many businesses regarding SEO is to dominate Google. Many of these individuals do not realize Google has their own social network called Google+. Joining this social network can improve the ranking of the business. This is because of the connections it is possible to make on the network. When an individual has logged into Google+ they can effectively search for SEO. This will show the top five results for the search. These results are personalized and based on the friends of the user. There is a small person icon that marks who the person is friends with. These connections can be invaluable for optimal SEO. When the individual logs out they should look at the search results again. Some of these results may be on the fifteenth or twentieth page and many others will not be among the top results. Personalized search results and local search results offer numerous options but for the best results, there is a trick involved.

The Google+ Business Page

The trick for a high ranking in the search results is to create a business page and personal profile with Google+. The provides the ability to recommend the website you are interested in securing a high ranking. Start by giving the website a +1. Then share the website as a status update or by using the personal profile. Finish by linking the website to the information contained in the profile in the category of recommended websites. When the information on the profile has been filled out completely there will be a lot of people interested in making a connection. Look at the settings for the profile information and make certain it is set to public. The status updates should also be set for public. This additionally provides the opportunity to add interesting and unique updates on the profile and prevents the appearance of a self-promotional profile.

Making the Connection

Once the profile has been established it is time to start making connections with the individuals with an interest in seeing the website listed in the search results. This can be accomplished with the search box located right on Google+. This provides the ability to make the connections and add them to the people within the circle. The goal is to be added by as many of these individuals as possible. The higher the popularity of the individual on Google+ the easier it is to have an influence on the followers’ personalized search results. This makes Google+ an excellent opportunity for taking advantage of the people on the social network. This means the benefits can reach the highest potential.