One of the most important aspects of SEO is being able to correctly and efficiently monitor the results of the efforts. If the individual does not track their results properly there is not the way to be certain what is working and what is not. There are two incredibly important tools designed for this specific purpose.

Authority Labs

Authority labs offer a thirty-day trial. This is so users can experience the benefits of the pro account. For anyone not interested in purchasing this account after the trial they can create a free account. This tool enables the user to track the rankings for the keywords being used on the website. This makes it easy to see if the search results for the website are improving. When there is no improvement the user knows they need to try a different keyword. This process can be repeated until the right keywords are found and the site is improving their ranking.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides information regarding the people who are visiting the website. This enables a monitoring of the sources for organic search traffic. This additionally shows which keywords are appearing the most in the search results and increasing traffic to the site. This means the site can control where the visitors go, what they do on the website and when they complete any desired actions. A good example would be purchasing a service or product or signing up for a newsletter of the mailing list. This ensures the SEO campaign is targeting the correct keywords. There are numerous additional SEO tools available and some are extremely valuable. The best place to begin is with the two mentioned above. These tools will effectively demonstrate if the keywords are drawing additional traffic to the site. Once the correct keywords are in place the website will reap all the goals of the SEO campaign.